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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Still A.V.

"...I ask you: 'are many lords differing among themselves better, or the one Allah, Supreme and Irresistible?'" -Qur'an (interpretation of the meaning) 12:39

All praise and gratitude belong only to Allah. As enticing as it may be to get up, get out there and vote for "a change we can trust", my stance as presented in my "Let's Talk, America" Myspace blog remains. Indeed. Even in the face and height of this economic crisis, corporate hysteria, the madness over who's more qualified, nail-biting poll projections, "maverick", "ticket", "they just don't get it", concern or lack thereof over policies and issues, who's going to do what about whatever, historical election, the most important election in history and McCaine/Palin yard signs in my neighborhood so grandiose they're actually billboards, no problem have I to shamelessly announce that A.V. still stands for Ain't Voting.

Reason number one, as Muslim, as Abdul Vakil --Servant of the Trustee and Dependable-- I bare witness that Allah alone has the right to legislate and I place my complete reliance, tawakul, in Allah, azza wa jall, alone. Number two, both "tickets" have an outspoken, unwavering support for Israel's illegal occupation of Palestine, the Saudi Family's oppressive dictatorship over the Arab people and the many military bases implanted and scattered throughout the Middle East which, ironically, produces more and more terrorists and vehement hatred against our country counterproductive to the very agenda it's government claims to carryout with regards to reducing and ultimately eliminating terrorism altogether.

Granted, as Americans, we're always presented with the choice of casting a vote for the lesser of two evils, but frankly, personally... I'd rather not condone or support evil on ANY level so long as I'm not subject to compulsion. Alhamdulillah, I have the American constitution's support in keeping my hands clear of any of its agendas causing the suffering and deaths of thousands-to-millions here and abroad. We are free to worship Allah for the betterment of ourselves and our condition in the Hereafter. And may the suffering and unjust killing of those faithful to Him be sufficient for His Mercy to grant them Jannah. Ameen.

With the above disclosure aside, I have no doubt that nothing is to stand in the way (even my refusal to vote) of the force that is Sen. Barack Obama from winning the White House, presiding as this country's 44th president. Again, I'm not voting, I'm not endorsing, I'm not placing any bets and I'm not claiming prescience or to have obtained inside information of any kind from any source. I couldn't start to explain why, and as much as I hate and would like to avoid sounding astrological or mystic
(au'du billah), but it just "feels" like that's the only conclusion to which this whole barnstorm will arrive.

Although it doesn't matter, either to me or this system who gets in, if it should turn out the way I "feel" then I think on the face of such an event will at least have a healthy, positive effect and impression on America's youth and documentary. Or it may do so for a protracted period before we realize how cruel and deceptive of a joke it was. Our country's conquest and Machavellian strife for global dominance will remain either way.

Yes, even the president has strings.

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