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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Exclamation Point?

Can it be that I've raised an eyebrow or two with my seemingly apathetic and one-may-argue "radical" stand in these coming elections? Perhaps I've disengaged a mandibular joint? Allow me to first be especially clear that I'm not implying voting is haraam or that one is sinful for casting a vote. Unless any evidence from Qur'an or Sunnah I'm not aware of should come to my attention affirming such, this is not my suggestion.

I would encourage all Muslims be politically active within their States and local bounds. As it is practically an article of our faith to value family, education and religious rights, we should investigate and support local candidates of State and Board of Education Offices we feel best serve our interest. However, on a federal level, the voting process is much too shifty for my taste.

Once upon a time voting was the right solely belonging to wealthy, landowners who a century later extended voting rights as a means to pacify a raging working class and disgruntled groups and control the rebellions they were subsequently verging. And to underhandedly ensure the elite sustained the final call as to who gets elected, they employed the Electoral College. We, the people did not vote nor was our opinion even inquired on the matter of the Electoral College. In this case, the popular vote does not elect the President. In this case, not every vote counts, or at least, not every vote counts EQUALLY.

Also, no matter how promising, reforming and well-intended a President may be. They can only change but so much. It should be noted that Congress is vested all legislative power. And overall, we should always be leery of how this government invests its foreign interest. We must consider our Ummah and think universally.

And what kind of staggers the line of relevancy and offhand in light of this topic is the imperativeness of recalling our status as being Muslim first. Our Islam is to take precedence over every other consequential aspect of ourselves. Regardless of our occupation, nationality, ethnicity, ancestral claim, quirks, preferences, etc... it should all facilitate our Islam. "La ilaaha ill Allah" reminds us that our obligation is first to Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala. And the more we improve and perfect as servants to Allah, the more we improve in our roles as spouses, parents, workers, brothers, sisters, friends and so-forth in turn.

"La ilaaha ill Allah"... what better way to keep things in perspective?

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