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Friday, October 3, 2008

Islam & Science

Depicted aside is the 11th century Muslim scientist, preeminent in his field, developer of the scientific method and pioneer of optical physcis, Ibn al-Haytham. He, however, is not the main point of discussion in this blog. I'm merely dishing that in here as a bit of a "did you know..." fun fact kind of thing. An astronomical point in history, needless to say.

No. Quickly, I just wanted to share a short encounter and the particular thought which derived from said encounter.

I'm quite crafty about advancing the slightest excuse to slide in a little da'wah in any conversation I find myself engaged. This way I invite to the truth and so that no one who knows me will not be able to curse me for not informing them about it on that Promised Day.

And so a colleague brings up childbirth, we had just found Celestone ordered for a delivering patient after a frantic search so naturally the subject arose. I then come around to sharing verses in the Qur'an alluding to embryonic development, which swiftly led to glossing over its revelation of the water cycle, the invisible barrier preventing the fresh water from mixing with the salt water in the meeting of oceans, it's allusion to the Great Explosion and Big Crunch theories and it's mention of the universe expanding. Impressive remarks having nothing to do with our life purpose and salvation, I know, but these signs of Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala, are captivating to those who reason.

After our discourse they asked if I thought science proved my religion. To which I responded: "No. It's absurd to suggest science proves my religion." And with my best impersonation of Denzel Washington impersonating Malcolm X I said: "Science doesn't prove my religion. My religion proves science!"

I share this to remind us to avoid the mistake of claiming that science or scientific fact supports Islam. It is in fact the other way around whereas it's Islam that supports science or scientific fact. Before science as a field of study was even conceived, Islam already was and has since the moment Allah commanded: "kun".

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