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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Interfaith Debate, pt.1: NOI Encounter

Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem

As-salaamu 'alaikum and may the Peace, Mercy and Blessings of Allah be upon you all. I've quite an extensive discussion involving myself and an NOI brother with regards to my handsdown favorite subject... Islam, that I thought may be of interest to a lot of you. If you haven't caught on yet, allow me to fill you in...*ehem*...the fellowship of Farakhan (Nation of "Islam") is an extreme deviant, perverse excersence of Islam. The salutations and usage of such words and phrases as "Allah," "Muslim," "As-salaam alaikum," "Islam," "Allahu Akbar," and so on, are only as far as similarities go between Islam and Farakhan's folks. The NOI is to Islam what the film Scary Movie is to Scream or the 60s television series Get Smart was to 007 and Mission Impossible... a satire, a spoof, a parody, a blatant mockery!

As impostrous as they are, I must give credit and praise that over time they have been scooting their way closer to true Islam, although sluggishly in classic sloth-like fashion. For instance, they were never instructed to announce Al Shahadah (the first and most momentuous principle of Islam, the foundation and very backbone of Islam), until recently Farakhan has made it mandatory his followers do so. Though it's only lip-service on their part, seeing as to how they lack the FAINTEST understanding of it's meaning. How does one declare there is no diety, object, person, idol, place, entity worthy of worship but Allah while at the same time testifying to Allah appearing or incarnating in the person of Wallace D. Fard? How does one declare that Muhammad ibn Abdullah (salallahu alayhi wa salaam) was the Seal of the Prophets and Final Messenger of which there will be none after, and at once testify that Elijah Muhammad was a Messenger of Allah? How does one reject the "original sin" theory and believe that the White race is innately weak and wicked? I could spring into all kinds of tangents, but I'll proceed.

I was in course of mentioning their improvements. In addition to permitting Al Shahadah, they as well have been instructed to enjoin Ramadan on Ramadan. As opposed to beforehand when they were instructed to only fast for Ramadan on December! The last improvement I'm aware of, is Farakhan's calling for his flock to perform Hajj at least once whensoever they can afford. Their concepts, teachings and overall ideology are far off the radar of actual Islam, but at least they're coming close, Alhamdullilah. I pray they soon be guided to cross that bridge to embrace Islam as it has been ordained by Allah for all humanity. Until then, so long as they're propogating this infusion of Black Nationalism and religious doctrine/jargon masquerading as Islam, those not knowing any better will continue to be hornswoggled.

Prelude to a debate
And so quite recently was I compelled to intervene and attempt on correcting a misguided "Black Muslim" as they rambled intensively to a listless audience. My intent was to make clear the distinction between the message of the NOI and the glorious, universal message of Islam. To explain how Islam is not a Blacks-only fraternity, but a universal religion, din-ul-Fitra (the natural religion), ordained for all of humanity. What probally suit me better as a canidate for this "job", was that as an adolecent, I was part of another grossly deviant group called the 5%. As such, I've memorized and am to this today well familiar with not only the NOI's curriculum (i.e. Student Enrollment, English C Lessons, Lost-Found Muslim Lesson 1-14, 1-40, Actual Facts and Solar Facts), but their mindset as well. Allowing me to (hopefully) level with them more personally.

Let's talk about sects.
"So set thou thy face steadily and truly to the Faith: establish Allah's handiwork according to the pattern on which He has made mankind. No change let there be in the work wrought by Allah: that is the right religion. But most among mankind understand not. Turn ye back in repentance to Him, fear Him: establish regular prayers and be not ye who join gods with Allah." -Qur'an 30:30-31

A quick synopsis of our discussion: I'll tell you overall it was indeed productive and clarifying, in spite of it's combative beginings. He eventually opened up to what I was saying after my quoting the Holy Prophet during his final sermon when he told his Companions: "Islam will divide into 73 sects. 1 in heaven and 72 in hell." After which, he explained it would be Islam as they heard conveyed and demonstrated by himself that would be in heaven. Also reciting Qur'an 5:3 where Allah reveals:

"This day have I perfected your religion, completed My Favor upon you and have chosen for you Islam as your religion."

From this, we see that Islam was since re-established, complete and perfect 1400 years prior to the finding of the NOI or even the birth of it's founders. Appropriately, I explained how innovation, known as bid'ah, is forbidden in Islam. This means no revisions, no perversions, no deletions, no additions to ANY aspect of Islam whatsoever. Therefore, anything unique, contrary or irrelevant to the Qur'an and Sunnah is unique, contrary and irrelevant to Islam. Point blank. If they but chose a name besides "Islam" to identify their organization, there would be no grounds for contention.

It astonishes almost as well as it perplexes me how Islam is the only religion where groups objecting and denying the very infrastructure of Islam actually use the name of Islam! Take for example Christainity, having well over 100 sects and denominations. Even if you include the cults, all of which disagree in certain areas and on certain points, they are all in congruence on the fundamental artical of Christain faith, and that is "Jesus died for our sins". You can't be Christian and reject this idea. How is it you can reject Islam and still consider yourself an embodiment of Islam? Hilariously absurd.

**For a more in depth glance into my views on Black nationalism, afrocentricity, pride, prejudice and racism, refer to my blog "
Illiberality: Unearthing a Hidden Nature". **

All these issues (and more) I've expounded with this brother. However, being pressed for time (and patience) I suggested that if he desired to prusuit the conversation any further, he should E-mail me to follow up where we left off. Gave him my e-mail address and not so long proceeding that day, behold, I receive a message from him seeking confirmation whether it was the correct E-mail. I confirmed it was me and from that point the saga continued... enjoy:

Debate with NOI believer

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