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Monday, April 28, 2008

7 Random AV Facts

And so it was that I was tagged by my sister, Mega, to produce a short series of little known, awkward or otherwise interesting fun facts about yours truly. I've been unintentionally out of the loop lately, returning only to discover I've been served such a friendly callout. Not to mention an intimidating load of new, unread messages in my electronic inbox. None of which were junk I realized in disbelief before gauging my impulse to delete the bulk of them. Proceeded by an audible exclamation to myself: "you mean I have to read all of that!!??!" This, certainly, is not to suggest I don't enjoy them. I was obviously overwhelmed by the love.

First, Meghan, I extend to you a well deserved and sincere shukran for supplying me the idea of what to write with regards to next. Second, be aware that I have a LEGION of random facts about myself, but I will, in'sha'Allah, limit my list to the ascribed number. And lastly, with respect to the topic, behold my 7 randoms:

1. I never peel the gentle brown, fuzzy skin of a kiwi. I eat them as they are. The what-would-seem-to-be discording combination of dry, bitter, rough and wet, sweet, gushy I find profusely delectable. (NOTE: I am not trying to be insinuative in the least.)

2. I seldom experience sleep paralysis. Perhaps a sleeping disorder commonly associated with narcolepsy. You see, during the REM phase, the brain naturally restricts all skeletal muscle movement as precaution to prevent physical reactions while dreaming. Hence, wherever this response is defective, you have your sleepwalkers, sleepkickers and/or sleepfighters, etc. Anyway, in the event you become conscious or break from sleep while the body remains in (partial) REM mode, you are awake but your body is temporarily paralyzed (you can also hear and sometimes even see faint remnants of what you were dreaming). Your eyes can scan the room, but you can't move a single muscle and the pressure you feel on your chest is as though something (or someone) is sitting on top of it. I said "seldom" experience, because I seldom achieve REM with the limited hours of sleep I get these days. The "condition" doesn't alarm or frighten me, it's just frustrating.

3. I've been married for nearly 6 years, have 2 children, and to this present day I'm shy around my wife when she flirts with me.

4. I thoroughly enjoy viewing the commentary feature on DVDs. A couple of my favorites are from Crash and The Incredibles.

5. My eyes never leave the plate while eating. I keep my food in sight at all times until I've completed consuming it. I don't eat savagely, but I do appear deeply concentrative. My focus fixates on the platter as though I'm going to make sujood on it. Take away my fork and you'd swear I'm about to supernaturally vacuum it into my mouth. Even worse, when I'm finished, I'm reluctant to look up in suspecting that everyone is staring at me in the same manner I was just staring at my plate.

6. Whenever vacant I always use the handicap stall in public restrooms. I'm claustrophobic and those areas are usually so delightfully spacious.

7. I honestly don't believe O.J. Simpson did it. I'm telling you, I've read his book "If I Did It..." and based on it's literary eloquence, grandiloquent word usage and vivid imagery countering the charges, surveillance footage wouldn't even convince me that O.J. Simpson authored this book. No way!

7. The previous numbered 7 "fact" was obviously a joke. So with this second 7th point, I'll confide in you all an honest random: I cannot fathom why calamari is not a popular pizza topping. This, to me, is inexcusable.

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empz said...

Fascinating, Sir...uhh, except the Calamari topic! I dissected squid YEARS ago in AP Biology and have STILL not managed to relieve my nostral trurbonates of the stench!