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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Farewell, Old Friend

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Bismillah wa-salaatu wa-salaamu 'ala Rasulullah

All praise is unquestionably for Allah, Glorified and Exalted is He, beyond having any partner, equal or opponent. The One solely worthy of worship and to whom all existing things beside Him are subject and to Whom all of humanity and jinn are penitent. May the peace and blessings of Allah eternally be upon Adam, Abraham, Noah, Jesus, Muhammad and all the prophets and messengers of Allah and those who follow them in righteousness until the Last Day.

As remarkably refreshing and reviving as Ramadan is, it isn't terribly easy bidding our old friend a fond farewell. And so a couple days ago, a couple hours after Fajr, Muslims on every corner of the earth gathered facing the same general direction towards the world's most sacred structure, repeating the takbeerat after our imam to offer Salat-ul-'Eid. Before which the faithful among us chanted: "Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, la ilaha ill Allah wallahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar wa lillahi hamd!" Ya ikhwatun, brothers and sisers in Islam, I congradulate you all in saying: "Eid mubarak taqabal Allahu mina wa minkum!"

Though I, and in'sha'Allah ta'ala all of us had a beautiful, in fact, the most memorable 'Eid yet. Making sure everyone got their fill and making sure everyone, especially the children, experienced nothing short of exceptional happiness. We reflect and hope earnestly our efforts and strife, our sincere remembrance, servitude, siyam, qiyaam, sadaqah and du'as were accepted that we may be purified and elevated in taqwa. Still it concerned me that the days ahead would be similar minus the spirit of Ramadan and added the persuasion of the Shayateen. I ask that Allah preserve and increase for us the taqwa we attained throughout Ramadan and empower our resistance against our very own nafs and the insidious ways of Shaitan who now after 30 days has been unleashed. May we remain the Muslims we were during Ramadan, ever-improving from this point and neither regressing or deviating. Ameen thumma ameen.

I encourage and remind us all that we proceed continuously prusuing the pleasure of Allah jalla jalalahu; seeking and advancing in 'ilm to counter jahiliyah and shubahat (doubts) and raising in taqwa to counter shawawat (desires). Wallahi, we would be nearly as great as the 'ajr and nasr Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala would bestow upon us.

"Surely, Allah does not change the condition of a people until they change what is within themselves." -Surah ar-Rad ayah 11

Thanks, Ramadan for the humbleness, gratitude, tears, the soar legs from standing at night in taraweeh and qiyaam listening to the best of speech, al-Qur'an; thanks for the tender heart, the sabr (patience), the naseehah and overall... THANKS FOR THE TAQWA! May Allah azza wa jall accept from us. Ameen. I invite as well do I encourage all serious Muslims to join me, if you haven't already, in fasting these next 6 days of Shawwal. As our beloved Rasul salallahu 'alayhi wa 'ala alihi wa salaam told us of the one who does so will be considered as though they fasted the whole year to Allah ta'ala, hence will they be rewarded accordingly. It's not quite as easy as fasting in Ramadan (believe our avowed enemy has something to do with that), but it's worth it to make as a witness in Akhirah.

Farewell, ya Ramadan! Ya Muslimeen, ya Mu'mineen, ya Muttaqeen, ya Mukhliseen, ya Muhsineen... KEEP UP THE GOOD WORKS! And please, please and please keep me in your du'as as you all shall remain in mine, in'sha'Allahu ta'ala.

Fi aman'Allah wa-salaamu 'alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

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