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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A World Without Islam

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Peace unto those who heed the righteous guidance and may such guidance reach those who sincerely seek it. I share now a compelling article by Graham E. Fuller published in the Jan-Feb 2008 issue of Foreign Policy Magizine that contemplates acutely the condition of our world had Islam never been.

Formally vice-chairman of the National Intelligence Council at the CIA and presently an adjunct professor of history at Simon Fraser University, Fuller intelligibly concludes the world would be in the same, if not, more disastrous state without Islam. Unraveling the heart of the worlds' struggles and conflicts lie in European imperialism and colonialism rather than religion (although having part) with his well-researched and thoroughly-considered hypothesis of an Islam-less world.

My only faultfinding is its omission to appreciate how Islam ultimately delivered Europe out the Middle Ages and into its Enlightenment, Reformation and Renaissance era(s). If only this fact had been merely glossed over this article would have easily earned from me five stars. Notwithstanding, Fuller manages still to drive this much ignored yet mammoth of a point home.

Of course for the Muslim, without Islam, there would be no world to ponder the idea to begin with. In fact, without submission to the will of God (i.e. Islam), there would be no 'alamin (i.e. everything in creation) altogether. Even so, let's indulge Mr. Fuller in this ruminative endeavor shall we?

A WORLD WITHOUT ISLAM <-click to check article

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